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This is The Strongest Fat Loss Product We Have Ever Designed!

And.. It Will Help You Burn 3-5lbs Per Week
... Here’s Why


I have good news and terrible news! The terrible news is that the Dallas Cowboys lost on Saturday night. They fell to the Los Angeles Rams and it was heart breaking, heart wrenching, and utter agony to watch.

Even my small dog, Bella was completely torn apart by the loss and wouldn’t eat all day Sunday, she was probably more torn up than me!


Oh well, on to next year!.. But, I do have some good news, and it has to do with helping you "Completely Dissolve and Eliminate" body-fat in 2019! But first, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are You Just Finally Getting Into The Workout Groove This Year?

  • Are You Completely Frustrated With What You See in the Mirror?

  • Has Every Pill, Diet and Workout Program Failed - Miserably?

  • Does it Seem Like No Matter What…You Were Destined to Carry Around "Extra Weight?"

Look, here’s the deal, you’re not alone! In fact every single one of us.. including myself and others I know in the "Health and Fitness" world… struggle! I have those weeks where I can grab a few folds around my waist and say;

"Damn.. That Wasn’t There Last Year!"

In fact, most of my female friends in the fitness world only look "Picture Ready" a few weeks out of the year. Most of them only "Use and Post" pictures of when they were in shape to make it look as if they were "Photo Ready" year round! The truth is they’re not!

That’s why I spend a great deal of time figuring out what can be done about fat loss and studying how you and I can lose fat much more quickly, because friends "The Struggle is Real!"

So here’s the deal…. I try to stay up to date on "Trending Data" in the supplement world and recently one of my partners overseas sent me some data about a new ingredient that was recently discovered and was receiving ridiculously insane reviews from both men and women who were taking it for FAT LOSS!

It was absolutely "Melting and Eliminating" fat deposits that normal people like you and I had been struggling with for years! In fact it was so powerful at this that literally 3 days after taking it these people were experiencing inches lost and pounds come off!

As I began to dig more into the new compound I found that it worked by acting as a "Fat Shuttle".. what I mean by that.. is that it actually pulls stored fat from fat deposits in the body and into the muscle to be burned as energy during exercise!

Most of the people who were using it were experiencing incredible results when they took it 30 minutes before exercise. In fact, one of the first things they noticed was that they were sweating much more than normal and that inches just seemed to melt off!

The more and more I read about this little ingredient (Which We Can Call GBB) the more I became interested in how it may be able to help my friends and clients.

So as always we ordered a small batch from overseas and started the "Experiment!"

My corporate manager and myself both started with about 10mg 2x per day. Most results have been achieved with doses of 20-30mg per day so we figured 20 was a good start.

I remember wanting to try it before a cardio workout to see if the "Fat Melting, Sweat Stories" were true. I took it first thing in the morning when I woke up and then hopped on the treadmill in the garage.

After 10 minutes I knew something was happening. My shirt was soaked, my body was warm, and I just felt like I was burning body-fat! I don’t really know how to explain it other than I was on fire and I just knew my body was going through calories fast!

I spoke to Paul (My Corporate Manger) later in the day and his results were similar. He told me he usually never sweats and doesn’t really feel like his body is in fat burning mode until the very end of his workouts. But this time he felt like he was burning fat from 10 minutes into his workout all the way until the end and then even later into the day!

I knew we were on to something but I also knew that we could probably combine this with a few other "Fat Burning" agents to really up the ante and create a world class fat loss product that would literally be the most effective and powerful fat burner we’ve ever created!

My goal was to have you take this and simply say "Holy Sh*&" this is the absolute best fat burning, energy producing and appetite suppressing formula I have ever tried bar none!

So.. I went ahead and took it a few steps further by adding an array of proven fat loss ingredients and other metabolism enhancers that would not only pull fat from stubborn areas around the body and help release them to be used as energy, but also give you a clean and focused feeling that didn’t cause a nasty crash at the end of the day.

I also wanted it to literally destroy cravings for carbohydrates, sweets and snacks. To be completely honest.. I wanted to create something that you would help create noticeable results in just a few days of taking it.

After several "Back and Forth" conversations with other formulators in the nutraceutical industry, I believe we developed and created what will go down as the product that quickly helped you drop the fat and weight you never thought you could.

We Appropriately Named this Formula:

For those of you who have followed my work or been a client of Pureline Nutrition over the years you will recognize the name right away.. XP2G is our trademark fat burner, of which we have sold thousands and thousands of bottles of, all across the world.

Why.. because it works and works fast! But now, by adding GBB and a few other key ingredients, we have formulated what we believe is the new "KING" of fat burning formulas. This will be the product you will look back on after 30 days and say, "Dang, This Stuff Works!"


  • Help You Burn 2x as Much Fat During Your Workouts
  • Shuttle Stored Adipose From Fat Deposits to Muscle to Be Burned as  Energy!
  • Completely Eliminate Late Night Snacking and Binging
  • Shut Down Bloating, Waist Thickness and Fat Storage
  • Drastically Improve Your Energy, Mood and Focus

10 people in my immediate circle (Both Men and Women) have been using XP2G Black for the last 30 days and four of them have lost 13lbs, three of them have lost 15lbs, and another three have lost 10lbs each.

And I can assure you.. only 1/2 of them are truly following a structured eating and diet program.. Now, don’t do as they do.. Make sure you’re eating well and that you’re working out at least 3/4 days per week. But rest assured that if you stray a bit, you’ll still see results.

Now keep in mind, there are some people who shouldn’t use XP2G Black, In fact;

XP2G Black is Not For You:

  • If You Have Zero Problems Losing Fat and Get Lean Quickly
  • If You Have a Super Fast Metabolism and Can Eat Whatever You Want
  • If You Can Lose 3-5lbs Quickly and With Little Exercise
  • If You Can Literally Look at A Treadmill and Lose Weight

But, if You’re Like Most People and Constantly Struggle With:

•   Being Overweight, Sluggish and Unhappy
•   Feeling Defeated About Your Weight
•   Going Up and Down The "Weight Loss" Rollercoaster.
•   Constantly Feeling Like Nothing Works

Then you owe it to yourself to Go to Pureline Nutrition and pick up XP2G BLACK when we go LIVE with it, because it was designed just for you!

XP2G Will Go LIVE on January 21st, 2019!

We will go live at 10:00am Central for those of you who wish to purchase online and we will also have a limited supply at every Pureline Retail Store Location in Texas. (Mcallen, Brownsville, Corpus, San Antonio, and Austin)

For more information about XP2G BLACK you can email us at:

I want you to keep in mind.. XP2G BLACK is different than anything we have ever created. No fat loss formula currently exists with the unique combination of GBB (which I discussed earlier) and the other core fat burning elements that we added.

This is "The Formula" that will end the "Did it Work For You..." discussion!

Now here’s the deal.. I’ll be keeping you up to date with all the information regarding the XP2G BLACK RELEASE on January 21st as we put the final touches on the manufacturing this week.

Ladies and Gentlemen.. you are fixing to be "Mind Blown" with how effective this formula really is.


And I literally can not wait to get feedback about it. I’m absolutely positive you’re going to love it. For those of you who are regulars users of XP2G Aftershock, get ready to take your fat burning effects up a notch!

Stay tuned for more details and be sure to visit our Facebook an Instagram pages @purelinenutrition as I go live daily around 5:30pm central time to give you more juice on what’s going on and give you helpful tips on how you can accelerate your body transformation goals!

Also, if you have any questions you can call us at: 1-800-632-1402 or hit us up via email at

Get ready guys because it’s about to get real exciting!

In Health and Strength,
Remember XP2G BLACK - The New Formula - will be dropping in our retail stores and online on January 21st! Don’t miss out, limited quantities will be available.

This is a great addition for anyone who is considering our 56 Day Weight Loss Challenge which starts January 28th. This challenge is only open to our retail clients.. so if you’re close to a Pureline Retail Store, be sure to drop by and sign up now!

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