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One Simple Thing You Can Do To Take You From Feeling Run-Down and Tired To
A High Energy, Get Things Done Kind of Person!

And It Takes Less than 1 Minute Per Day
Let me ask you a few questions,

1. Have you been feeling run down, tired and just blah?

2. Do you find it hard to focus, concentrate and get things done?

3. Are you having trouble losing weight, burning fat and improving your body?

4. Do you struggle with eating clean and do you give in to sweets late at night?

Why is it that some months you’re in the absolute most "Productive State Possible" and that other months you feel like the world is just passing you by? Do you ever feel like you're on "Pause" while others around you are flying by and getting on with life?

Lately I’ve been re-tracing my steps.. trying to figure out exactly why I feel so run down and "Out of It!".. I started by going through my routine, my workouts and my training. Nothing out of the ordinary there!

So then I started looking at my diet and supplementation. I’m pretty basic when it comes to my diet.. I don’t deviate much and tend to eat the same things every day.

I tend to mainly stick to protein, carbs and a small amount of veggies. For
example my typical breakfast is always 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites and a protein bagel… (I use the P28 protein bagels that have about 28 grams of protein ea.)

That’s it.. nothing crazy.. just the basic high protein moderate carb breakfast. The rest of my meals follow suit with pretty much the same structure. Now.. I do try to eat at least 3-4 servings of "Green Veggies" per day but over the last several months I really haven’t been.

In fact, when I stopped and thought about it, I probably had only been having 1 and at the most 2 servings of "Greens" every 2-3 days.

I wasn’t sure if this had anything to do with how I was feeling but I thought I’d dig in and explore my diet, workout and supplement history in more depth.

So, I sat down with a pen and a paper and I said to myself,
"When have I actually felt my best? When have I performed optimally both mentally and physically?

When Was it That I Felt:

• More Mentally Sharp and Clear?
• More Balanced and Energetic?
• Stronger and More Enthusiastic About my Workouts?
• Vibrant and Strong, With No Allergies and a Strong Immune System?

As I looked back through my journals I found that my best days always had 1 thing in common.

This one simple "Hack" was what I had been doing for months on end that had put me into the most productive, energetic and I guess what could be called "Optimal" place in my life.

Now when I say "Optimal," it could refer to many things..

But for me, "Optimal" Represents My Ability To:

1. Work Longer and More Effectively on Projects
2. Deal With Stress and Stressful Triggers More Effectively
3. Maintain and Build Lean Muscle With Less Effort
4. Burn Fat and Increase Metabolism Faster

Most of the people who visit Pureline Stores or our website are busy, active and productive people who "GET SH-T DONE!" They don’t have time to be sick, sluggish and tired.

I’m talking about real people who work in the trenches every day building businesses, helping people, educating minds and/or protecting our cities and countries.

Our clients are the hard-working people of America who demand to be well and can’t afford to be going through life feeling.. "Just Average!"

Now.. the first thing I want you to remember is that having days, weeks or months where you’re a little "OFF," is not uncommon and it’s not your fault if you feel tired, sluggish and would rather be on the couch watching Netflix than at the gym on the treadmill.

The truth of the matter is that most people experience these "Down’s" in life and that they can all be traced back to a few simple modifications which when made will reverse everything and get you and your life back on track again.

Now.. I want to take you back to my diet again.. remember when I said I usually only eat 2 servings of greens per day.. Well, while I was looking back at my history I also had the opportunity to sit down with a Physician who specializes in vitamin research and he told me something that really made me stop in my tracks!

The Dr. Said:

"Aaron, Today’s Fruits and Vegetables have 60% Fewer Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrients Than
They Did 10, 20 and especially 30 Years Ago!"

"You see," he continued, "Soil today has been modified with fertilizers and chemicals to help increase the yield of vegetables that are produced. This simply means the same soil today can essentially yield 3x the crops than that same soil did 30+ years ago.

What happens is that this soil becomes void of minerals and nutrients to pass on to the plant. Hence the vegetables today are of lower nutritional value than they were in the past!"

That really got my attention because it made me realize that even though I was only eating 2 servings of greens per day I was probably only getting a very small percentage of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from those vegetables… and that’s because I was only having those 2 servings once every 2 days!!

Ok so you’re probably thinking.. "Yeah Aaron but I take a vitamin and mineral supplement and that gives me all the extra support I need!" Well, that’s what I thought but as the Dr. explained to me real fruits and vegetables have very important "Phytonutrients" which protect it against uv radiation, pests, toxins, fungus and so forth and these can not be replicated in synthetic tablet or capsule vitamins.

These same phytonutrients, when ingested by humans help protect us against some of these same external threats."

Now the important thing to remember is that you can only get Phytonutrients from plants. That means if you’re only taking in a small amount of fruits and vegetables daily then you’re probably very deficient in these extremely important "Super Defense Nutrients!"

After this conversation I thought back to what it was I was doing with my
supplementation during those months where I felt energetic, alive and focused.

Then it hit me, I had been using a PhytoFormula that Pureline had introduced which not only had vitamins and minerals but also had a blend of Fruits and Vegetables that was "Certified Organic," using the best practices in vegetable cultivation.

I had been using 2-3 scoops daily of our PhytoNutrient blend, PhytoPlex, and I just had simply run out! It never occurred to me that I had stopped using it! It just kind of happened.

So what I decided to do was give our PhytoNutrient formula an honest run for 4 weeks and see how I felt. I started by taking 1 serving with my first meal of the day and another serving before bed.

It’s easier for me to remember to take it this way because that’s pretty much the only time I’m in my kitchen.

I have to admit that after the first week or so I didn’t really notice too much but right around week two I noticed I felt a little different! I wasn’t dragging any more and I noticed my excitement to get in the gym and train was there again!

I also noticed that my mental clarity was much more enhanced. And finally, the most incredible thing was that my allergies seemed to clear up drastically.

I suffer from the worst reaction to pollen and mold and I sometimes get terrible congestion, coughing and migraines.

After 2 weeks those symptoms were pretty much non-existent and the absolute only thing I had changed was adding in the PhytoNutrient formula again.

Things only continued to get better and after a 4 weeks of being extremely regular with the PhytoFormula I noticed huge improvements in all areas!

In Fact Some of the Most Noticeable Changes for Me Were:

• Increased Energy, Wellness and Clarity
• Fewer Allergy and Sinus Issues
• An Overall Sense of Wellness, and Stronger Immunity
• More Drive, Stamina and The Endless Ability to Get Things Done

I know what you’re saying, "Aaron, some of those sound to good to be true.." I’d probably say the same thing…but honestly the only way I can describe my "Change" after 4 weeks on the "PhytoFormula" was that I just simply felt outstanding!

Back when we designed our PhytoFormula’s I specifically designed two variations:

PhytoPlex for Males and Diva Balance for Females!

So what’s the difference and which one is best for you?

First lets talk about how they both are alike. Both formulas have a whopping 7 gram dose of Phytonurients coming from "Certified Organic Vegetables."

They Include:
Purple Sweet Potato, Blueberry, Black Raspberry, Mulberry, Carrot, Monk Fruit, Camu-Camu, Acai Berry, Chlorella, Pineapple, Papaya Bilberry, Papain, Kelp, Bromelain, Broccoli, Quinone and more!

These fruits and greens were specifically chosen for their ability to give you extremely high amounts of Phytonutrients with a host of vitamins and minerals.

Now the Differences in Diva Balance and Phytoplex:

The key difference in the two formulas is that Phytoplex has added Branched Chain Amino Acids for Support and Recovery. Branched Chain Amino Acids are the building blocks of human tissue and are essential for anyone who works out regularly and needs a little bit of help with their recovery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The only difference between Diva Balance and Phytoplex is the added Amino Acids in the PhytoPlex formula.

This means that if you’re a female and you need extra Amino Acids because you train or workout daily and don’t consume enough protein, then you can definitely use this formula!

Both formulas are extremely unique because of the type of Fruits and Greens used in each formula! Remember its’ all about the fruits and greens used and how they were grown. The less damaged the soil the better the phytonutrient output is going to be!
I keep a pretty good eye on my body and it’s how it’s reacting to certain things I do.

Without a doubt I noticed a significant improvement in energy, health and my response to training, dieting and fat loss when I added Phytoplex back into my program.

Now Something to Think About: I do believe that how you take Phytoplex or Diva Balance will make a massive difference on its effect. So I’ve come up with a "Dosing Pattern" that I feel works best for men and women with different needs.

Dosing Pattern For Phytoplex and Diva Balance

If you’re suffering from:

• Low Energy
• Mental Fog
• Allergies
• Low Immunity to Disease and Sickness

Then Use The Following Dosing Pattern

Males: 1 scoop in the morning before breakfast, 1 scoop at 3pm, and 1 scoop around 10pm or before bed.

Females: 1 scoop in the morning and 1 scoop before bed.

Now if you’re feeling ok and just need to "Bolster" your immune system, body and energy levels to keep you at your best then just take 1 scoop every morning.

But.. if you feel like something is starting to creep up on you and your energy is starting to lag then use the higher dosing schedule above.

For those of you out there who are "Super Green Consumers" already and supplement you diet with a daily intake of blended greens, wheat grass and matcha… then Phytoplex and Diva Balance may not be for you!

The truth is that PhytoPlex and Diva Balance were designed for those folks who forget to eat fruits and greens because they are always busy working, on the go, or taking care of the kids.

In fact,

There are many more of us out there who don’t eat enough "High Quality, Organic Fruits and Vegetables" than there are those who do.

If you’re like me and want to take the thinking (and time) out of getting in all your Certified Organic Greens then PhytoPlex or Diva Balance may be just for you!
Remember PhytoPlex and Diva Balance are the only two PhytoNutrient formulas, (Fruits and Greens Formulas) that use truly Certified Organic Fruits and Vegetables that have extremely high quantities of PhytoNutrients in the formula!

Not to mention the taste is absolutely delicious! Simply mix 1 scoop with 6-7 ounces of ice cold water and stir, shake and enjoy!

1 bottle of PhytoPlex or Diva Balance has the equivalent of over 1 basket cart full of fruits and vegetables. Think about that for a second just one "Hyper Concentrated" blend is equal to Over 30 Pounds of fruits and vegetables.

Imagine how much that basket of groceries would cost if all of those fruits and vegetables were 100% Certified Organic. My guess is it would be well over $100.00!

But the good news is that 1 Serving of PhytoPlex or Diva Balance is only 1.50 per serving! You read that correctly:

1 Serving is Just 1.50!
Or 45.00 For 1 Bottle

So you could either buy a basket full of Certified Organic Groceries Every Week for over 100.00, and then blend and mix them each morning, or you could just buy Phytoplex or Diva Balance and ensure you’re getting absolutely everything you could possibly need!

And because I want you to be able to truly experience how incredible you can feel when using this PhytoFormula I’m letting a bottle go for 35.00 dollars when you buy two or more!

That’s over 20.00 off when you buy 2 bottles or a 60 day supply!
But wait.. here’s something else! I know that you will feel completely different after using PhytoPlex or Diva Balance for a few weeks.. so much so that if you don’t… just let me know and I’ll give you a:
Listen.. if you’re just running a tad bit below optimal and feel tired, lethargic, and low energy then you have absolutely no risk trying the PhytoPlex or Diva Balance Formula today.

I didn’t even realize how much better my life could be until I re-introduced
PhytoNutrients back into my routine.

I had forgotten how it felt to be able to work for hours on end, stay healthy and energized, and not get a sore throat or runny nose from even the slightest allergy.

PhytoNutrients have truly played a key role in helping me live healthier and happier! The choice is up to you.. but I’m pretty sure you’ll feel exactly like I do after just a few short days!

If you live close to any of our Pureline Nutrition Store Locations (see below) then go by today and ask about how PhytoPlex or Diva Balance can help you! Or give us a call for more information at 1-800-632-1402.

In Health and Strength,
Remember, your energy, health, immunity and even your thinking will benefit from PhytoPlex or Diva Balance and now is the time to try it 100% Risk Free!

And, Don't Forget If You Live in Texas and are Close to A Pureline Store Then Drop By and Check Out Phytoplex or Diva Balance Today!!

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