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Imagine Eating All the Carbohydrates You’d Like This
Holiday Season and Still Losing Weight!!

Sound Intriguing? I Thought So Too… Then I Discovered it
Was Possible!
Dear Friends,

Ok, ok.. I know it sounds a little far fetched.. And a little to good to be true, but just give me a few minutes of your time, and let me explain how I discovered this was possible!

  • Have you ever wondered why it is that when you eat carbohydrates you feel softer and fatter?

  • Have you ever wished you could wake up on Monday not having to deal with the water retention, bloat and fullness from a weekend of cheat meals?

  • Do you notice that you tend to store body fat much faster and quicker than some of your more "Gifted" friends?

  • Do you kill yourself in the gym after a cheat day or cheat meal in hopes of burning off those "Extra Carbs" you ate?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then first of all.. you’re not alone!

Second of all… these questions were created from my own personal experience about what you’re probably going through.

I love food.. I really do. In fact, I love all kinds of food but more
specifically carbs.

I love bread, pasta, naan, tortillas, you name it… all the stuff you’re not supposed to eat, I love! And.. for the most part, I try to limit my intake of the "Good Stuff," but sometimes things just don’t go my way!

I tend to just give-in a few nights of the week and enjoy those forbidden foods that we obsess about, or have our eye on at the grocery store.

Hey.. Guess What, it’s Normal!

Besides, what would life be without a bowl of ice cream or a hot steaming plate of pasta every once in a while.

The thing is.. every time I "Indulge" a bit I notice I look a little softer and a a bit thicker than normal. Especially around my mid-section. My wife experiences the same thing!

It just seems like we don’t digest or metabolize heavy carbohydrate meals very well! In fact, every single time I have a carbohydrate dense meal I just feel terrible.

Can any of you relate??

Then recently something interesting happened, about 6 months ago a friend of mine (Dan) started doing some research on something called "Insulin Sensitivity."

He told me that my problem had more to do with how my body was using insulin to store carbohydrates as body-fat instead of energy which could be used during my next workout or throughout the day.

Dan said that whenever I ate carbohydrates my body released Insulin (A Storage Hormone) and that those carbohydrates would be broken down into glucose and be shuttled into either (Muscle Tissue, The Liver, or Body Fat Stores).

Now obviously, in my case, and probably in the majority of people’s cases, we have a genetic code that lends itself to "Transporting" more carbohydrates into fat cells instead of muscle cells to be used for energy.

So.. I asked Dan, "How Can I Fix This?"

How can I eat carbohydrates and make absolutely certain that they are going to be burned as energy and not stored as fat?

Dan proceeded to take out a piece of paper and wrote down a list of about 10 vitamins and herbs (some of which I’d never heard of) and said:

"Go purchase all these. Then, I want you to start taking them, in the specific dose I wrote, every time you eat a really heavy carbohydrate meal or anytime you have a meal that has a lot of sugar.. yes.. that means Ice Cream!" - DAN KNOWS I LOVE ICE CREAM!

He said, "Do it for one week consistently and don’t change anything else. Don't change your diet, your cardio or workout routine, nothing!"

"Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing and let me know what happens in a few weeks!"

So I went out and bought about 10 different ingredients. Some of which I had to order because I couldn’t find them at any local store. Once I had everything together I started taking them exactly how he told me.

He suggested that I take all the pills, all the "Ingredients" with any meal that had a lot of carbohydrates or excessive sugar.. yes that meant ice cream!..

I'll be honest it was alot of pills.. Almost 10 altogether! But that's the only way to get everything on the list!

Now, I usually tend to have a "Cheat Meal" on Wednesday night and then another on Friday or Saturday night.. and If I’m completely being honest, usually a cheat meal can spill over into a cheat weekend. I’m sure some of you understand :(

So I went ahead and took the ingredients as directed for 7 days and I didn’t change a thing. In fact, I’m pretty sure I went ahead and "Over- Ate" intentionally just to be able to tell Dan his formula didn’t work!

But then something odd happened.. On the 8th day, which was a Monday, I got up and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

That’s when I saw something in the mirror. I looked leaner and better than I had in weeks.

In fact, I was kind of blown away because usually Monday mornings I’m holding water and look softer than usual because of a heavy cheat meal the night before..

In fact, I usually look my leanest on Friday morning (after a week of eating clean and doing cardio.)

But something had happened, I actually looked just as lean on Monday morning as I usually do on Friday… actually leaner!

I kind of just shrugged it off as some random anomaly, but then it
happened the next week and the next and then the next!

In fact, every week I took "Dan’s Secret Formula" I was getting leaner and leaner. My weight dropped fast too!

I was losing an average of 2-3lbs. of body fat per week without changing anything!

The only thing I had changed was that I added in Dan’s formula. This stuff was definitely working! To be completely honest I was a little blown away. I called Dan after a month and told him..

"Dude, you’re not going to believe this but I’m down about 6lbs of bodyfat and I’m leaner than I’ve been all year!"

He said.. "I told you so!"

What struck me as completely baffling was the fact that I hadn’t changed a single thing about my diet or cardio program. It was exactly the same as it had been leading up to my experiment with "Dan’s Formula!"

I immediately called some of my team at the lab up and said guys we need to get every single one of these "Raw Materials" in stock and whip up a batch of this stuff STAT!!!

I can’t keep buying all 10 of these ingredients individually every month and taking them all before each meal.. it’s impractical, and it’s like 10 pills!

I Wanted the Same Formula Condensed Into 3 Easy To Use Soft Capsules that I Could Take Anytime!

A few weeks later I had in my hand the first prototype for what I’m now referring to as "Transport GDA."

An easy and simple to use formula that literally takes carbohydrates from your mouth and transports them to muscle cells to be burned off as energy!

Transport GDA Does Exactly What its Name Says it Does..

"Transports" Carbohydrates to Muscle to be Used for Energy Instead of Being Stored as Body-Fat!

The "GDA" means Glucose Disposal Agent... Remember, once carbohydrates are consumed they are converted into Glucose where Insulin shuttles them to either muscle (which is preferred), your liver, or body-fat (this is not preferred.)

Hence this means Transport not only serves the purpose of helping assist you in losing weight and dropping fat but it’s also an extremely powerful formula for anyone who deals with high blood sugar or Type 2 Diabetes.

It literally pulls glucose out of the blood stream and Transports it into the muscle cells to be used as energy..

Less glucose in the blood stream means lower blood sugar levels. This is an absolute God Send for anyone who struggles with diabetes and or high blood sugar levels.

Who Shouldn’t Use Transport GDA:

Transport shouldn’t be used by anyone who has been "Blessed" with an amazing metabolism or who doesn’t store body-fat easily. It’s simply not necessary. Chances are you were blessed with the ability to eat carbohydrates at your discretion and not worry about storing fat..
And…Yes.. we all dislike you very much!!!

Who Will Benefit From Taking Transport GDA:

  1. Anyone who wants to lose weight faster!
  2. Anyone who worries about or struggles with high blood sugar or diabetes!
  3. Anyone who wants to put on more lean muscle and drop body fat.
  4. Anyone who wants to enjoy carbohydrates without worrying about story them as fat.

Transport GDA was designed to be unlike anything that had ever been developed before.

Yes.. there have been some products similar to Transport which have claimed to work but then they quickly faded away into obscurity because they simply didn’t do what they claimed!

Transport GDA works! I’ve used it for months now.. as have some of my closest friends.. (Both Men and Women) and every single one of them has lost weight, watched their body change and most importantly, they’ve been able to enjoy carbohydrates much more frequently without getting bloated, soft and adding fatty tissue to their bodies!

So How Do You Get Your Hands on Transport GDA?

I Decided to Coincide The Release of Transport With Pureline Nutrition’s


Transport GDA will go on sale at all PURELINE RETAIL LOCATIONS on BLACK FRIDAY, that’s this week, November 23rd at 10am!

Transport GDA will go on sale
Cyber Monday - November 26th at 12am!


Guys, I’m pretty sure you’ll be BLOWN AWAY with how well Transport works and how it will help you lose weight faster, and enjoy those extra carbs this holiday season!

Stay tuned for more details as I will be releasing the price of Transport GDA and keep you updated on the availability of Transport as it hits our warehouse this week.

Until Then Have a Powerful Week,

Remember, Transport will help "Transport" extra carbs away from Fat Cells and into Muscle Tissue to be used as energy! This means faster weight-loss!!

Transport will go on sale BLACK FRIDAY at our retail stores and CYBER MONDAY ONLINE! Stay tuned for details!

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