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Wow! We Are Touching On A Forbidden Topic


The Secret Every Woman and Man Should Know About!

Ok.. Ok.. I know what you’re thinking.. what in God’s Name does the owner of a nutritional supplement company know about improving my sex life!

Trust me.. it’s a bit uncomfortable for me to write about… In fact, I wouldn’t be doing it unless I knew it could truly help every single woman and man out there!

If you’re a woman and you’re reading this let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you often feel like your libido is completely non-existent and that you don’t want to engage with your partner?

  • Did you have kids and then never really felt like you got your "Groove" back?

  • Do you feel like your hormones are completely "Out of Whack" and that no matter what you try you just feel sexually "Not There!"

  • Did your Sex Drive take a nose-dive somewhere along the road to becoming a woman with no "Bounce Back" in sight?

  • Are you a hustling "Career Woman" who’s busting her butt on the job while noticing that your hormone and menstrual cycles are all over the place.. probably due to stress?

  • Do you find that you and your partner are on completely different "Sex Cycles" .. When he’s on you're off and vice/versa?

I personally didn’t realize how big of an issue this was for women. In fact, it was completely by accident that I found out. You see, my wife has a group of pretty "Close Friends" that she shares a lot of stuff with.

Truth be told, there are some things which I wish she would keep private that she chooses to share.. but.. after watching "The Real Housewives of Pretty Much Any City".. I’ve realized that women open up with each other quite more than men do.

And that’s OK.. I Get It.. and I Actually Enjoy the Beverly Hills Housewives.…sadly to say.

It was during one of these "Come to Jesus" sessions with her friends that they all started talking about SEX and how things had changed for many of them over the years.

Most of them were experiencing "Hormonal Changes" and noticing that they just weren’t "Feeling" the same.

In fact most of them noticed that they were often reluctant to engage with their partner and kind of "Avoided It" when possible.

It wasn’t because they didn’t want to or because they didn’t love their partner.. it was simply because physically they just didn’t have the desire.

Something had changed.. and they weren’t sure what it was.. they just knew it wasn’t good!

Interestingly Enough They All Shared the Following Things in Common:

  • Hormonal changes that resulted in mood swings.
  • Fat and weight gain resulting in the dreaded "Pear Shaped Body."
  • Thinning hair that tended to fall out more frequently.
  • A dry and dull complexion with frequent breakouts and skin spots.
  • Thin and brittle nails that broke easily.
  • In some cases a hard time getting pregnant.. (Fertility Issues.)

I listened as my wife told me about these "Experiences" and how it was really negatively affecting some of her close friends relationships. Some of them even expressed how "Sex Seemed Like A Chore!"

It wasn’t that they didn’t enjoy it, it was just that their sex drive didn’t match their partners. Of course that led to tension in their relationships and opened up a "Pandoras Box" of (why’s and what’s) that inevitably led to arguments.. every single time.. and of course that completely SUCKS!
Lo and behold It took my mind down this path of thinking about something I had read about a few months before this all took place.

I was "Investigating" hormone balance to help women lose weight faster when I came across a few studies linking these ingredients: "DIM," ZINC, BIOTIN and Myo-Inositol.. (In extremely precise doses) to improved Sexual Libido, Balanced Estrogen Levels and Hormone Balance.

These studies used an "Exact and Precise" Blend of these key compounds to help improve all areas of Female Hormone Health.

Women Who Had Used These Compounds Together Noticed the Following:

Improved Sexual Libido "Greater Desire"
Hormone Balance (Adjustment of Bad Estrogen to Good Estrogen)
Less Frequency of Acne, PMS, Mood Swings and Improved Fertility
Glowing Complexion (Improved Skin Health)
Firm and Unbreakable Nails
Healthy, Thicker and Fuller Hair

Before I go any further.. I want to mention something. Sex is a delicate topic..

Heck.. I didn’t even want to write this email, but I think most of the guilt and apprehension some women may have about whether or not they are "Into It," has nothing to do with them and everything to do with their hormones!

It’s not your fault! There are a ton of components at work here including genetics, metabolic issues, and hormone fluctuations that are completely out of your control!

Here’s the good news! There is hope and there is a solution. There is an exact blend of compounds that will help balance your hormones while at the same time "Boosting" your Libido and Sexual Desire to healthy and normal levels!

As a matter of fact, I had my team blend exactly the precise amount of each "Raw Material" into a special blend that I sampled out to my wife’s close "Girl Friends."

Within 7 Days Every Single One of Them Was Calling my Wife Asking for More!

They were absolutely blown away by how "Drastically" their love life had had shifted in just one week and how good they felt!

Every Single One of Them Experienced the Same 3 Benefits:

1.     Stronger Sexual Libido and Desire
2.     Improved Mood Balance (Hormone Balance)
3.     Glowing Skin, Health Hair and Strong Nails

And on a side note.. one of them actually got pregnant while using it! One of the ingredients "Myo-Inositol" has extremely powerful "Fertility Powers." You can read all about it on Google.

Here’s the thing though.. It doesn’t really work unless the ingredient dosages are precise. In other words it has to have enough of the "Active Ingredients" to actually start creating the result most women want and need.

I found that if it was off just a few milligrams then it didn’t do the trick quite as well. This is extremely important!

So.. how do you get this "SECRET" formula that will "Re-Vive" passion, love and desire? Where do you find each ingredient and in what dosage should you buy them in?

I decided to make that very very easy and simply DO IT FOR YOU!
I had our team put together what we call:

Diva "SECRET" is exactly what it sounds like.. The "SECRET" formula that you may or may not want to keep secret from your friends, partner or spouse.

It’s the absolute precise and perfect blend of ingredients that will:

   Turn On Your Sexual Desire
   Balance Hormone Levels
   Maximize Skin, Hair and Nail Health
   Improve Fertility (In Woman Trying to Get Pregnant)
   Help With Weight Loss and Metabolism

We put together the exact blend of Collagen, MyoInositol, Biotin, and DIM used in the "Scientific Studies," and added a host of "Support" Ingredients that when taken daily will IMPROVE Female Libido Fast!

Now here’s the deal, if you’re 20 years old and in your "Prime" then this probably isn’t the right product for you!

Chances are you’re probably too young to have experienced any of the challenges women start to face as they get older.

But.. if you’re 25+ or are experiencing any of the hormonal, libido or other issues I talked about earlier then this product was made just for you!

In fact you’ll be blown away by how good you feel after just the first 7 days taking Diva Secret! That’s my promise to you!

I assure you, there is absolutely nothing currently available that is as powerful as "Diva Secret." I’ll go out on a limb here and say that it’s probably the most important product woman can use for overall hormonal health, metabolic wellness, and sexual support.

There is quite frankly nothing as important as your ability to "Connect" with the person you love and Diva "Secret" helps make that easier.

How Can You Get It

Unfortunately you can’t! Not right now anyway! But it will be available VERY SOON!

Pureline Will Be Releasing Diva Secret
on Tuesday March 12th at 10:00am

Diva "Secret" will be available online at or by visiting any one of our retail store locations in Texas.

Make sure and open your emails from now until then as we will be notifying you of "Launch Week" specials to be held in-store and online!

Ladies, I really believe that "Diva Secret" will be The Most Important Item you purchase this year.

"Sexual Libido, Skin, Hair, Nails, Hormone Balance and Support…. the List is Endless and It Works!"

Stay Tuned For More Details and Be Sure to Follow Us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the launch.

In Health,
Remember, Diva Secret will be Launching Tuesday March 12th at 10:00am! Stay tuned for details and Launch Discounts!

If you know someone who can benefit from the "Magic" that is Diva "Secret" then share this email with them and spread Cupids Love :)
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